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From a local business to a chain

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Even the best people, producing the best product, can’t reach optimal results. That is because an organization is more than the sum of its parts. Growing from a local store or business to a chain with several branches requires It’s its cohesion and cooperation between its many parts that matter. Creating the best incentives for workers and managers, and allowing free flow of information throughout the organization is crucial for a successful enterprise. Here are some insights we’ve had from our work on a popular medical cosmetics enterprise in Israel:

1. Delegate responsibility and not just power. One of the problems of opening a new branch is making sure the people who run it are as responsible for generating profit as the chain manager. This is most easily done by making every branch an independent profit unit, with a single manager responsible for it.

2. Measurable success. Having vague goals is a recipe for disaster. In order to grow and have an efficient organization, everyone must be aligned on the goals. The only way to achieve that is having clear, transparent and measurable goals. This way, everyone can see what they’ve achieved, and if not – How close were they to the company’s goals.

3. Outside criticism. Don’t be afraid to ask for outside help, or nominate a person whose sole responsibility is to locate failings and inefficiencies and suggest how to fix them. In a big organization, the top manager is too far to see flaws and places for improvements, and local managers are too close to effectively assess the broad consequences. This is where the advantages of a designated critic shine – he can see the “big picture” of the company, and yet get down to the finest details. His recommendations can heal many inefficiencies and generate much value.

These are only 3 of the many insights we had while doing structural and strategic consulting. Every organization on the rise has much to benefit from such consulting, as the mindset from a small business to an emerging one requires changing and adapting.

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