Economic advisory for courts

When claims are being made in court regarding businesses, employees and general economic issues, a good case requires specialization beyond the knowledge of the likely lawyer. The economic opinion of a relevant expert can, in such cases, be the difference between a won or a lost case in court. An economic opinion required the most accurate financial, accountancy and econometric tools in order to deliver proofs and base claims in a indisputable way, and so to significantly increase your case in court.

For the electrical appliances chain Avi Soffer, we’ve performed a full evaluation [link], including capitalization of cash flow of the main store, comparing it to other branches of the chain. This, to show in court the full potential damage from the closure of the store. We’ve done this through using the data provided to us by the chain, assessing and analyzing it using the accepted methods by accountants and judges.

For the Matnas company we’ve done a thorough and rigorous comparison between the salary of a certain employee to the salary of other employees in order to disprove claims regarding workplace discrimination.

For a Class action against the banks in Israel, we’ve proved that the system in which the banks give state-sponsored loans to small businesses in fictitious and problematic, as well as the entire security deposits system. We’ve done an overview of the banking market in a broad sense, analysis of the banks incentive systems, and the economic, regulatory and practical meaning of these for small businesses – which the program was meant for in the first place.

Because of our specialization in many economic issues, we are able to give full, thorough, clear and accurate legal opinions, that strengthen and enriches any legal claim.