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”The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


In our business development consulting we help the businesses to cope and manage with the tasks and processes related to the potential growth opportunities, conduct support and monitoring of our recommendations’ implementation, including decisions on the strategy, regulations, marketing, law, taxation. Based on our knowledge and experience in assisting start-ups and advanced organizations in developing their business, we provide comprehensive support through strategic consulting services, business planning, and finance and venture capital management.

Business development consulting for us is comprehensive assistance to the companies and in search of opportunities for their long-term growth in three directions: customers, markets, capitals. 

We conduct services for the companies entering the markets of our operation and to the ones increasing their business in existing markets. We provide the following assortment of services:

 Market research consulting (consultations with local experts on local markets, finding partners or suitable venues, access to a network of knowledge and technology exchange)

 Distribution and Sales

 Investors relations

 Management consulting

 Strategy and business plans

 Economic assessment of the companies and projects

 Tax services, e.g. legal advice, tax training

 Public relations, including international conferences and exhibitions

 Government relations and public affairs

 Marketing assistance, with advisory services and training programs

 Legal advisory services for company registrations, licensing, opening accounts, intellectual property, patent procedures

Clients: startup and mature companies, local and international enterprises, expanding to new markets businesses.

Legal Opinions

Valuations and capitalization of cash flow, using the DCF system in accordance to the instructions

Business Plans

Thorough evaluation of your company, identification of challenges Review of relevant markets - opp