“A vision without a strategy remains an illusion”

– Lee Bolman

Business nowadays faces extremely challenging conditions of competition, volatilities, and uncertainties. Meeting these challenges businesses have to plan their strategies focused on customer-driven approaches, adapting to changing environments, developing new strengths and competitive priorities, evaluating the quality of a product or service.

All the focal points of a future strategy must be translated through the company’s mission and vision, underlying business strategy to a litigable operational plan. While developing and implying ambitious strategies, they have to correlate and be adequate to the company’s operational setup. 

The strengths of a company vary by industry and business but usually include educated and trained staff, appropriate business locations, well-planned marketing strategy, financial expertise. By identifying core competencies, a company can develop processes such as customer satisfaction, product development and building professional relationships with stakeholders. A good corporate strategy suggests the development of competitive advantages, based on market analysis, internal organizational environment, defining core elements and processes, evaluating operational costs, supply chains, service design.

We advise organizations on the high-level of decision-making processes, using deep industry knowledge to deliver the best and appropriate business strategy and operations, dividing the problem into the pieces.

For solving each, we work in cooperation with your team, mapping and documenting operations, procedures, elements, digging into the processes in order to define and finalize the best possible strategy. Working across a number of industries, we implement a comprehensive approach, giving a deep analysis of a problem from every angle. Our consultants possess wide and diverse expertise in industries and have experience in different kinds of strategic consulting, providing a wide array of services:

Defining company goals and mission

 Strategy and business planning

Operational roadmaps

 On-going company strategic accompanying

 Projects accompanying and management

 Key performance indicators

 Market research and market intelligence

Clients: private and public companies, government companies, public utilities, start-ups, governmental bodies, banks, and financial institutions.

Legal Opinions

Valuations and capitalization of cash flow, using the DCF system in accordance to the instructions

Business Plans

Thorough evaluation of your company, identification of challenges Review of relevant markets - opp