Business Plans

  • Thorough evaluation of your company, identification of challenges
  • Review of relevant markets – opportunities and potential sources of revenue
  • Assembly of a personalized business plan, including forecasts and recommendations
  • Implementation of the plans throughout the execution phase

Data by the Israeli ministry of economics, as well as private research platforms, confirm that for every 10 businesses opened in israel, between 8 and 9 will be closed. Even in the US, only one per 3 businesses are able to pass the 10-years mark. The dynamic business environment, as well as the need to contemplate with governmental institutions, poses many challenges. Furthermore, when you open a business, you focus on your product and the added value you can give your customers. This is makes much sense, as this is your expertise and your reason for opening a business in the first place. Yet, good management of a business has several more aspects that can make the difference between loss and profit, or between stagnation and expansion.

A good business needs a neat and data-based plan, that will allow to evaluate its situation precisely, while understanding the market needs and the inherent potential in your business. A good business plan will include a thorough examination of your company resources and assets, and an analysis of the range of options you have to fully use them for achievable and measurable goals. We’ll help you understand what are the threats and opportunities you’ll face, in the present as well as in the future, and the optimal ways to deal with them. Using our experience with a range of businesses from all sectors, we can accurately analyze your cost and revenue structures, how to maximize your profits, and  how to direct your investments for the personalized goals we’ll build with you.

Working together, we can take your business from loss to profit, from profit to growth and from growth to expansion. Using our team of specialised experts, we’ll walk with you to achieve the full potential of your business.