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The health care market players – treatment, pharma, drugs, and medical devices companies, governments, consumers, and others are facing clinical, operational, and financial challenges envision a future. The health industry ecosystem now contains a much wider number of fields of study than ever before: medical services, clinical and natural science research, pharma, engineering, artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, etc. All these new approaches help to create and maintain accessible, high quality and sustainable health care. Global health care spending is steadily increasing, the main reasons for which are the expansion of the health care system in developing countries and technological advancement.

The general trend for the industry is capitation-based funding, which encourages health care providers and medicine or device original equipment manufacturers to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Another trend and challenge is the application of artificial intelligence for healthcare IT and blockchain. Facing these challenges medical companies seek for new models in order to reshape their business activities, enter new markets or expand their opportunities. Samkai’s experts help healthcare companies in the following ways:

 New product and market entry, distribution channels strategy

 Market research and intelligence

 Developing strategic and business plans

 Marketing assistance

 Economic assessment

 Efficiency and work planning

Clients: medical companies, biotechnology companies, medical technology providers, government bodies.

Legal Opinions

Valuations and capitalization of cash flow, using the DCF system in accordance to the instructions

Business Plans

Thorough evaluation of your company, identification of challenges Review of relevant markets - opp