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“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

– Mark Twain

The companies are in need of professional qualified assistance in the company’s financial efficiency adjusting and company profitability. Financial consulting services vary from a targeted one-time consultation on audit or accounting issues to the development of a long-term professional financial strategy, from every-day financial operations to financial resources optimization, business development issues, boosting profits, business expansion.

Nowadays, financial consulting services are targeted in solving a wide range of tasks, such as the financial resources reserves management and administration, capital structure management, maximization of financial efficiency, optimization of costs, income and expenditures distribution, financial risk management, determination of the future financial opportunities.

The major challenges the financial management facing are lack of financial resources, poor asset finance planning, and management quality, unprofessional cost management, lack of systematic approach and detailed elaboration of financial decision-making processes. Our team of experts successfully meet these challenges and performs finance and capital services for public and private corporations, financial and government institutions for various purposes:

 Audit and accounting consulting

 Financial strategy and day-to-day financial accompanying

 Capital structures

 Merges and Acquisitions

 Finance modeling

 Due diligence

 Credit Policy and Investments

 Companies valuations

 Investment projects valuations

 Investment strategy

 Business plans evaluations

Clients: private and public companies, banks, investors, developers, government entities.

Legal Opinions

Valuations and capitalization of cash flow, using the DCF system in accordance to the instructions

Business Plans

Thorough evaluation of your company, identification of challenges Review of relevant markets - opp