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manufacturing & energy

Energy and industry are fundamental parts of human life. The energy industry is overtaking deep paradigm transformation, which together with new technologies like artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, has all the potential to change the way people live. In this context, initiatives such as the Air Source Heat Pump Grant can play a significant role in promoting sustainable energy practices.

Currently, because of technological breakdown, the industrialization of developing economies and urbanization, we witness a soaring demand for energy, both primary and electricity. The general technological development trends nowadays are clean energy generation, energy storage systems, energy efficiency, smart grid.

Similar trends emerge for the manufacturing industry, while modern technologies and management approach provide with the opportunity to advance the possibilities and reduce costs savings, produce faster and increase the customer support quality. Currently, the general groundbreaking trends for manufacturing are the utilization of the Internet of Things, shifting focus from B2B to B2B2C, leveraging supply chains, enterprise resource planning systems, big data, etc.

Members of our team have experience in academic and practical energy and manufacturing strategy consulting, energy economics and policy issues.

Our interdisciplinary approach together with our international expertise in the field of energy and manufacturing assures our clients to receive the services in the following directions:

 Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies

 Go-to-market business plans

 Mergers and acquisitions support

 Operational management

 Saving costs analysis

 Logistics optimization

 Marketing Planning

 Business Intelligence

 Smart grid

 Distributed energy


 Smart cities

 Energy audit

Clients: manufacturers and energy companies, government bodies, NGOs, investors.

Legal Opinions

Valuations and capitalization of cash flow, using the DCF system in accordance to the instructions

Business Plans

Thorough evaluation of your company, identification of challenges Review of relevant markets - opp