Market and policy research

● Market overview in Israel and abroad – for both commercial and policy-related bodies
● Deep analysis based on public sources and unique connections
● Macroeconomic analysis by a team of experts

To fully succeed, you need to have more than a good product – You need to have a good product in a good time and a good place. The macroeconomic reality is ever changing, while many great opportunities and challenges are waiting for you around the world. The ability of knowing how to differentiate between them, to understand how the market works and how to best enter it, can be the difference between economic failure and success.

Whether you want to explore the economic influence of a certain policy change, or you’re a business that want to break into a new market, you need to understand it first, and our team of expert economists can be at your service. With our vast experience in such researches around the world, we can assemble a full and deep overview that will allow you to make the right call based on all the information you need.

We do our market researches both as independent projects, and as part of broader overviews for commercial companies. For example, we’ve done a research regarding the automobile market in myanmar for the Mobileye company. Myanmar is a country that has just recently opened to the external world, and now becoming one the most “hot” markets in the world. Depsite a great lack of public information, and ever-changing reality “on the ground”, we were able to deliver a sharp and full image of the situation, the opportunities and possibilities to a successful company that wants to expand its business to this region of east Asia. One of the most important tools in our arsenal is our associates in a number of nations: China, Japan, Myanmar and Germany. With the combination of a “cold” economic analysis and associates based there and know the markets first-hand (link to Doron Landau interview), we can assemble a broad image that will allow you to locate your next big opportunity, and weill give you competitive advantage.

Our analyses serve both commercial and policy-making bodies. For example, we’ve done a broad research regarding the public transport market in Israel, the possibilities standing before it and good models from the world. In such a way, policy makers can be exposed to a quality research that will allow them to bring about better policy, based on data and experience.

A broad and comprehensive knowledge regarding the markets you operate in, can allow you to make more educated decision, both as a commercial company and as policy-makers. With the help of our team of experts, you can have the most relevant knowledge, analysed and personalized to your exact needs.