● Full and detailed overview of the company by actuarial standards
● Deal preparation – Buying and selling of company percentage and stocks
● Profit forecast based on diversified assumptions

Whether you invest in a new company, selling parts of your own, preparing yourself for a public offering or in a need of a legal opinion – you need a valuation. A good, orderly and reasoned valuation will allow you to show seriousness and proved value to an investor. Such valuation will advance your company, and will allow investors to make a data-based intelligent decision. Our team of expert economists, with a great deal of experience in actuarial science, will delve deep into your company’s data to bring you the best results.

Many business owners, that naturally focus their efforts in the constant management of the business, don’t know how vast the information that can be mined behind the regular business data they work with on a day to day basis. But in fact, with an economic analysis based in actuarial models and experience in valuation, you can extract a great deal of information that worths a lot of money. What arr your capital possesions? What’s their yield? How will your company grow in the near future? What will happen in the foreseeable future (link to the market analysis text) to the market you operate in? How does your sales outlook look like? What is your valuable property, and what is only a burden? All these are things that our actuarial experts can accurately assess, and deliver the information you need.

Our team has a great deal of experience in valuations of big companys with a large and complicated operation, such as Psagot Winery and the electronics products chain of Avi Sofer. To the latter, we’ve done a valuation for a legal opinion (link to the legal opinions text), which naturally need to go through the highest standards. In addition, our team has a rich experience in private, public and governmental companies, preparation for privatization, investors consulting, and feasibility checks in large projects, for companies such as Mobileye. Using our valuations, you can make more intelligent and reasoned decisions and maximise your potential profits. A good valuation is a very valuable thing.